Colorado Truck Insurance

Why settle for a general insurance agency when you can work with an agency that specializes in commercial truck insurance Colorado.  Coast Transport Insurance Service is an independent insurance agency with more than 40 years of experience serving the transportation industry.   We know your industry inside and out, and can help you find the best policy, at the best price, for your Colorado-based trucking company.

We know that you don’t want to spend all your hard earned money on insurance.  But you also need confidence that your policy and agency are behind you when you’re on the road. That’s why we work with the best insurance companies out there to offer competitive insurance rates for Colorado truckers.  

We are a small business and your satisfaction is our priority. You will be able to talk to a real person to identify the best policy for your business. We can usually get a quote back to you the same day you call.

Colorado Truck Insurance

Colorado insurance questions for commercial truckers

Colorado truck insurance filings for Colorado truckers

Having a Colorado truck insurance and being legal are two different things.  You want to make sure your trucking company is following the rules and regulations of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  The CDOT and FMCSA both require insurance filings and/or endorsements on your truck insurance policy.  We can make sure you get the correct insurance coverages to stay in compliance with Colorado and the federal government regulations.

The BMC-91 filing is a guarantees to the FMCSA that you have enough Liability insurance to cover the increased risk of transporting goods or people across state lines.

An MCS-90 is an endorsement that must be attached to Liability insurance and Cargo Liability insurance policies if you are required to have a federal filing. The MCS-90 endorsement guarantees the minimum required protection for members of the public who are involved in accidents for which you are deemed legally responsible.

A Form E filing certifies that your Liability insurance complies with your home state’s financial responsibility laws.

Form E is not required in all states.

Form H filing guarantees you have sufficient Cargo Liability insurance

Form H is not required in all states.

Truck Insurance

Truck insurance coverages we can write in Colorado

We can tailor a Colorado truck insurance package to your needs, anything from liability only to get you on the road, to full coverage.

Liability Coverages

Vehicle Coverages

Truck Specific Coverages

Driver Coverages

Towing Specific Coverages

Specialty Truck Coverages

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Commercial truck insurance we can write in Colorado

We can insure almost any type of commercial truck out there.  Below are the most common we see.

We can write truck insurance in all cities in Colorado

No matter what city you operate out of, we can put a competitive commercial truck insurance package together for you.  We can help all areas in Colorado, including…

We can also offering commercial auto insurance to the neighboring states: Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.

Truck Insurance

Resources for Colorado Truckers

The Colorado Motor Carrier Association advocates, promotes and defends Colorado‘s trucking industry.

The Colorado Department of Transportation oversees Colorado‘s infrastructure mainly roads, underpasses and highways.

Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies is the regulatory body that oversees the Colorado ‘s insurance industry.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the regulatory body that oversees the commercial motor vehicles in the United States.  Their job is to keep our roads and highways safe.

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